What does "Global discovery: unsupported scheme announce.syncthing.net" mean

I tried syncthing between 2 local nodes and I keep getting the message in the UI “Global discovery: unsupported scheme announce.syncthing.net”, can something let me know what this means.

Both nodes are running arch linux

You are using an old config with a new version of syncthing.

Yep, that was it. I just deleted the .config/syncthing directory and restarted. All working well now. Thanks.

Old config with new version: shouldn’t the config have been migrated?

It should, and it is upgraded. I’d say its some sort of user error.


How could it be user error? syncthing was upgraded the same way on both (arch linnux) systems via pacman -Syuu.

We don’t provide a pacman package, so it could be your packagers blip. Also,if it was a widespread issue we’d know about it already.

I’ve only seen 2 or so cases with this issue, which makes me think its an isolated issue.

actually I also got this message too, but I figured it makes no harm, so I just ignore it

Well it breaks discovery, so if you rely on that, you should not ignore it.

The one case I know of where we fail to upgrade the config properly is when you were running one of the earlier v0.12.0 betas.

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