What causes (an incorrect) ! in bookmark?

This is a very minor but mildly annoying bug. I have links to my various systems with which I synchronise from my desktop machine in Firefox bookmarks. These all get the syncthing icon against them which is rather nice.

However one of them always has a ! against it, indicating an error in synchronisation - but there’s no error. Other systems get the ! when there’s an error and when I clear the error the ! clears but not this one annoying system.

Does anyone have an idea why this might be happening?

Syncthing version 1.10 on xubuntu 20.04.

This is likely related to the issue I described here:

The following might have happened:

  • In earlier versions of Firefox, favicons worked differently - the browser remembered every favicon it saw, thus remembering the “error” favicon and setting this as the bookmark
  • Nowadays, Firefox can’t load a newer favicon due to the issue shown in the linked post. Therefore, Firefox uses the last cached favicon from months/years ago - which is the error favicon in your case.

The “bookmark favicon” and the “tab favicon” are two different favicons in Firefox logic, and the bookmark one is broken with syncthing in more recent versions.

Yes, I think that’s it, thank you. It also explains why my newer syncthing bookmarks don’t show the favicon.

I just deleted the link with the ! and then added it back and now at least it doesn’t confuse me by showing the !. :slight_smile:

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