What can I do to make it faster - running in docker

Hi team,

I am not an advanced Syncthing user, but I am aware that a lot of resources are being used by Syncthing is for compression, crypto and etc.

As I am running it in LAN, I would like to limit it to use less resources as possible. Current usage is around 25-35% CPU when GOMAXPROCS is set to 1 (GOMAXPROCS=1)

I am running it in docker container and I apply the ENV variable through docker command:

docker run --network=host \
    -v /data:/var/syncthing \
    -e GOMAXPROCS=1 \

edit: adding CPU spec => Intel® Core™ i5-9600K 6 Cores, 6 Thread, 3.70-4.60 GHz

How can I disable crypto, compression and etc?

Any other trick to make it faster OR limit the usage?

Encryption cannot be disabled for security reasons, adding a switch to disable it has been discussed before but will not be implemented. Compression can be disabled in remote device settings but it is probably negligible since it is set to metadata only as default. (maybe disabling it can even lead to increased CPU usage since more data needs to be encrypted?)

Syncthing itself has the option “Max Folder Concurrency” which you can set to 1 so only one folder will be scanned/synced at the same time, this helps especially if you have multiple folder on spinning disks.

Other tools to limit/optimize CPU or disk usage exist depending on operation system, e.g nice, ionice or cpulimit on Linux (but I have no idea how to use that with docker).

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Thanks Alex :slight_smile:

Keen to hear other people’s thought on this as well.

Perhaps someone who uses Syncthing in a container?

Please check Optimising Syncthing for low end hardware. How much the settings will help I guess will depend on the specific configuration.

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