What are the danger of syncing a folder with both syncthing and a cloud storage

Hey all! I am really happy with syncthing’s behaviour. On our architecture people have specific included ignore files so they don’t sync everything. What I want to achieve is to be able to upload files from a web interface in syncthing folders without downloading the whole thing, if people don’t have access.

I thought about syncing the folders on one computer to google drive so people can drop files in the folders using this account, but I was wondering if this is a really bad idea? Could I have sync problems using two programs syncing the same folder in two way syncs?

I also thought about accessing the full syncthing on a synced remote compute but this involves one more computer unfortunately


Hi Nathan, and welcome to the Syncthing community!

Your approach sounds like it could work, though I don’t have much experience with Google Drive. You’d need to make sure that no other user starts syncing the same folder with both systems at the same time, since that would create a loop with enormous potential for trouble. But as long as the Google Drive is only accessed via its web frontend, it should be low risk.

You should probably try to exclude Syncthing’s temporary file name patterns from being picked up by Google Drive.

And with Dropbox at least, I’ve had some strange experiences because they try to force some questionable naming rules onto people through their centralized, single-point-of-authority architecture. For example, a folder named P.O.D. (named after the rock band) had its trailing dot removed to become P.O.D for no good reason.

Beside the other cloud sync solutions, I’ve had good experience with publishing a complete dataset via WebDAV on one device, while only parts of it were being synced to other devices via Syncthing. If you have some device available to act as the server, that’s a good way to give access to all data on demand, while having the important parts available at any time locally. This could be combined with a central backup strategy on the server, since Syncthing really shouldn’t be seen a backup tool.

I’ve got a feeling that this is likely going to pose an issue here, as you can’t exclude files by “patterns” in Google Drive (and, as far as I’m aware, in none of the other mainstream cloud solutions too). You can only exclude specific folders, maybe files, but that won’t help with temp files which are generated on the fly.

Thanks for your help! I thought about using insync which can sync to regular clouds with ignore filters : Ignore Rules

Using it to ignore insync special temporary files and stfolder and ignore, and asking syncthing to ignore temporary files from insync, should it be a bit safer? If i have two people saving the same file at a close interval from each other, except from one erasing the other (i have versionning both on gdfive and syncthing so it seems fine to me), should i get any big trouble like endless loops or something?

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