What are permission to transfer files

I need to transfer files form windows to Linux, however the directory inside Linux has custom permission and the only working way for me to run Syncthing as a root level

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I don’t think this question is really syncthing related, as it just uses the permissions given to it by the operating system.

There are plenty of resources on the internet you can read upon on linux permissioning, how it works, how to configure it, etc.

Is not, I think also.

Either you can give the directories the rights for “everyone” or Syncthing starts in connection with the rights of a user who has all the necessary permissions.

I have the former on my Linux Mint Devices, which I find not optimal, but I still lack the appropriate knowledge in Linux to start the service accordingly with a user who has the appropriate permissions.

It is different under Windows 10, where I run Syncthing as a service and the service starts with a user who has the necessary permissions.

In this forum, there are also similar discussions, you can use for that.

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