What about Encrypted Nodes


I know that this has been discussed a while ago, but what about encrypted nodes for untrusted servers like Resilio Sync has. I am currently using their product, but since their pace of development has slown down quite a bit, I fear that they might abandon their product. Syncthing would be the best alternative, but I need those encrypted folders.

Cheers, thejack

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So from my reading this hasn’t been finished because of the concept only partially fitting to preserve everything syncthing currently has in regard to functionality. Syncthing is designed for trust between accepted nodes and distrust to unknown devices.

If you want to have only encrypted data “on the other side” and you are on Windoze you might try to combine syncthing with cryptsync:


cryptsync source code

E. g. don’t syncthing your original folder but use cryptsync to create a parallel crypted version on your local machine. And then you syncthing this to somewhere else. This is at least useful when doing a “peer backup” of personal data amongst friends. You trust them as being yours friends, anyway you don’t want them to be able to peek in your life insurance contract or whatever.

Stafen Küng BTW belongs to the TortoiseSVN Team, a Windows GUI client for the SVN versioning system: TortoiseSVN, so this is widely used software (despite the rise of git).


Alternative to cryptsync: https://cryptomator.org/

or Duplicati

I’m glad I’m not the only one here with this concern! I too am stuck with my entire organization using the Resilio semi-abandonware, mainly because we absolutely must have untrusted (encrypted) node support. I’d be more than willing to pay/donate to get untrusted nodes up in Syncthing, but in the meantime will check out the posted options.

Thanks OP for (continuing) to raise awareness. There are dozens of us. Dozens!

There is a bounty on it