We're above 10k users

Just took a quick look in the announce server logs, and

jb@announce2:/home/discosrv$ sudo tail v4/stats | grep Kept
1427047200 Kept:10057 Deleted:527 Took:0.0552s

That’s 10057 devices in the IPv4 cache when it does it’s hourly cleanout. Also, about 10% of those seem to have working IPv6 (assuming a negligible amount of IPv6-only devices).

jb@announce2:/home/discosrv$ sudo tail v6/stats | grep Kept
1427047200 Kept:1045 Deleted:46 Took:0.0106s

(There are most likely more users out there - this is just how many happen to have talked to the global discovery server during the last hour and a number that caught my eye.  :)


There’s about 8000 active installs on Google Play alone, so the real number is probably a lot higher :slight_smile: