Weird Issue with re-syncing

I’m trying to sync two drives that were previously synced elsewhere. I have moved them to two new servers and deleted all .st* folders. I have a fresh install of Syncthing on each server. I set one server as Send Only and the other as Receive Only. Both are set to Ignore Permissions. No file versioning. No ignore patterns.

As soon as I start the sync I have over 5000 and growing Out of Sync Items which are all 128 B. They look like folder names.

That seems weird. I haven’t changed that many folder names since these drives were synced.

Is that normal, or can I do something different to avoid crunching through all those files. It’s telling me it will take days to complete.

please check syncthing log file on both the instance to see error or issue related to out of sync items. These log file also provide information related to what cause this issue.

Thanks for responding.

If you mean Syncthing GUI > Actions > Logs, they don’t say much. Mostly about making connections, no mention of errors or out of sync items.

Please post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all affected devices. More information on the operating systems and file systems in use would be useful too.

Even if files are identical, syncthing will show them as out of sync as they don’t have common lineage. If you let it sync it should see that the files are the same, merge the lineage and consider them in sync.

Did you wait for the sync process to finish hashing? Syncthing will often start out finding differences, but if you wait for it to complete the hashing and indexing the number of different files will decrease with very little data exchanged.

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