Weird issue - a file isn't appearing on one node but is on all others

The log contains NO errors, I have a copy and will gladly email it to @AudriusButkevicius or @calmh. The Syncthing WebGUI shows the following on the clients device:

Global State 3963 items, ~1.45 GiB Local State 3963 items, ~1.45 GiB

As do all other devices. When I check the properties of the directory on my machine it states:

1.42 GB (1,532,866,560 bytes), 3,562 Files, 400 Folders

As it does on his.

But for whatever reason one file isn’t showing on his machine (with hidden files shown) but IS showing on every other device! I’m just about to clear the node’s config and start again but this issue is very odd.

Sorry, but if the OS says its the same number of files like other machines, I don’t know how to help you, as window manager is most likely playing games (I’ve seen it a handful times in OS X).

Or does the OS shown count does not match? Have you tried looking for the file through the prompt? Or perhaps renaming that file on some node in hopes that it will show up?

Screenshot of the folder from his machine:

Screenshot from mine (but the same for everyone else I checked):

I cleared the device’s config directory and re-added our central server as an introducer etc. I left the files intact in the Sync directory and set it back up. It re-synced and the file appeared.

I’ve gone through his log with a fine toothcomb so to speak, the only warnings I can find are those related to the v0.10.10 bug earlier. After it’s upgrade nothing and there is nothing about this file that’s missing in particular.

The OS is reporting the right amount of files but it clearly isn’t there lol I’m stumped.

EDIT: one thing I didn’t try as I just wanted to get it sorted as it’s been a long day is the dir command in the windows command line. That would have been interesting. If it happens again on any device I will post back to this thread.

It could have been some mess left by the previous release.

That’s my best guess. As I just said in my edit though, I will monitor it and if it comes up again I will post back here.