weird "insufficient space in basic" error

Hi, all of a sudden I am getting the following error. This is for two of the folders I am syncing, but all of them give the same error:

2018-09-04 19:41:11: Error on folder “Default Folder” (default): insufficient space in basic C:\Users\Roger\AppData\Local\Syncthing: 0.581840 % < 1 %

2018-09-04 19:41:54: Error on folder “== Docs voor Surface” (slecx-lnrwh): insufficient space in basic C:\Users\Roger\AppData\Local\Syncthing: 0.581439 % < 1 %

This error does not make sense to me. Each folder is fairly small (between 1MB to 10GB) and I have around 400 gigs space on both “C:” (where the error is pointing to) and the drive where the folders are actually to be saved.

I have searched other similar error messages in this forum and elsewhere, but nothing there seems to apply (as far as I can tell).

I am using Windows 10, SyncTrayzor 1.1.21 x86, SyncThing 0.14.49, stable version.

What could be wrong? Any suggestions?

thanks, Roger

Did you check all drives? Perhaps user folder is a network share, or symlinked to some other drive?

Thanks. No, these are internal hard disks.

Are they crazy big? As in, is half a percent still in the gigabytes?

Not really, they are each 500 gigabytes.

None of them are at 0.5% space left I guess? Does this goes away?

Could you hop into Actions -> Logs, hit the Debugging Facilities tab, check “fs”, close it, and rescan a folder. Open the log again. There should be stuff like

2018-09-04 21:04:08 Enabled debug data for "fs"
2018-09-04 21:06:11 size.go:85 basic /Users/jb/Library/Application Support/Syncthing Usage . {355209547776 499963174912} <nil>

(The size.go bit is the tell).

Post those lines.

(Also, we should remove the basic stuff from those error lines, as it looks like English but isn’t and just makes it make no sense…)

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Found the problem. As I was going to create that log, I noticed on another computer that the same message appeared. That was too coincidental. After a lot of searching (for other things that could have caused the error message) I noticed that both computers had a C drive that had been filling up unexpectedly because of several large files that had entered onto the drives through dropbox. This caused the C drive to drop below 1% empty space. I moved out those files and the error messages are now gone and the syncing has resumed.

That said, I am still puzzled as to why this makes sense. The C drive that was falling below 1% was NOT the drive that the files were syncing to. That drive (D) had lots of space and is around 30% rather than 1%. So, apparently syncthing checks for space on he drive that holds the administrative details of the sync (in my case, the total folder size is only 15,2 kB!), rather than the space of the drive that the data actually are saved onto. Or am I missing something?

The size of the Syncthing-DB can rise to several GiB and if the DB cannot be written, it could get corrupted completely, which could lead to dataloss if e.g. synced files are changed on that device and another.

That’s why syncthing wants 1% (as default) free space on that drive. If that drive is “full” syncthing stops completely (better save than sorry :wink: ). While each folder stops individually if the drive where that folder is has less than 1% free.

The size check can be configured in the main settings for the db drive and per folder in the advanced tab of the folder edit dialog.


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