WebUI. How to know when folder was synced last time.


I cannot see when folder was last synced in server WebUI. There is only information when the folder was last scanned. Also it would be nice to see log of last sync update: what files were added/deleted/updated.

Syncthing is not always running on my Android devices. I’d like to see on server what devices (by checking folders linked to devices) are out of sync too long and run sync on that devices.

Syncthing can only tell if a device is out of sync if it is connected, as only then it knows what that device has.

You can see in the offline remote device when it was last connected.

In the local folders you can see, what the last incoming change was. In " Recent Changes" you can see the last changes made on any connected device or yourself.


I don’t need to know if device is out of sync or synced. I need to know time when device successfully completed last sync.

Yes, this can help a little. But last connected does not equal to last successful sync…

I can see only something like this: “Latest Change Updated IMG_20200212_212130207.jpg”. And I don’t understand who may need to know that information. If hundreds of files was synced, that information has no sense at all.

How can I see audit file from WebUI?

You can’t. Its just a log file.

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