Webserver into a syncthing folder

Hi there,

I am thinking about using syncthing as a distributed p2p website host. With this, no need to pay hoster and data are distributed with friends that own the key.

So we need a web server. By chance, there is USB Webserver (http://www.usbwebserver.net/en/) (Win only). It is made to run a mobile Wamp onto an usb stick.

So putting this into a syncthing share folder, then adding a wordpress (or dokuwiki if we do not need mysql, or other) will make a good start for a free distributed p2p network.

Not tested for the moment, but what do you think about that? Mysql Files conflicts?

thanks for your feedbacks!

For static files this should work fine. Database files (like MySQL files) cannot be synced by something external like Syncthing.

Thank you calmh, but could you explain about mysql files? why they cannot be synced like other files? Then I will first try with dokuwiki (does not need database, fileonly cms)

Sorry, I should say they cannot be successfully copied or synced while the database is running.

Ah yes, I understand! Let go to file only cms then.