How do you work with weblate ? All strings with English in the foreign locale dedicated field (this seems to be the default for new strings) are flagged as “Translated”, which makes identification of new strings a pain. I guess I miss something. Thanks

EDIT: “Untranslated:state:empty”

I will try a custom filter ~ original = translated, but I’m afraid if I reach this will be a huge burden to the server :frowning:

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Sorry I don’t quite get what you’re describing. For untranslated strings, the translation field should be empty now, as we recently merged a change to not pre-fill it with the English string. When did you check / find this behavior? And which language?

I can check for myself, but not before tomorrow (Monday).

I just checked, assuming you mean the French language where I’ve seen your activity @cosas. There are no strings where the French translation matches the English original. A search for check:same turns up zero results.

So please do explain again what is the problem?

Thanks, this makes sense and replies. It is what I missed.

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