WebGUI default account problem

WebGUI default account problem Excuse me, I installed a new version of Android syncthing, modifying the default webui username and password. But as soon as the software is restarted, it is restored to the default user and password. The settings I have modified cannot be saved. I used to save my username password when I used the old version. How should this be solved? Thanks

This cannot be changed as the android app would not know how to contact the the API. The username is syncthing, the password is the API key.

(to be fair, is there a reason the android app can’t specify an explicit api key as an env var?)

I think because API key is not enough to display the UI, just the rest calls.

It’s what SyncTrayzor uses, and that’s enough to display the web UI. I do get the ability to intercept all http requests and add the API key header though, which the android app perhaps doesn’t have.

That must be it, as it’s using androids standard webview.

Good to know that is is possible to skip the password adding the API key to every HTTP request. I maybe implement this for Syncthing Tray, too.

Currently, in Syncthing Tray I simply let the user enter the password manually. For the app that should not be the default, but could be an advanced option.