Web UI Syncthing refuses to connect

Hi all,

When I start my Syncthing Web UI, i see an error: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Other than that, Syncthing works fine on all 3 connected devices. (They do all have the same error).

Anyone an idea on how I get access to the web UI again?

I know some of you are not too crazy about Syncthing on Synology and I’m afraid this is one of those cases. I’m running Syncthing (already successfully for 4 years now) on a few DS216Play Synology boxes with now DSM 7.0 and syncthing community version 1.17.0-22.

I did check the by now obvious new permission requirements of DSM 7 by giving not only the local user, but also the system internal user and the local groups, read/write permission to the appropriate shared folders and I restarted just about everything several times. That seems not to be sufficient, as the issue stays the same.

Would appreciate any pointer in the right direction!

Connection refused means its not running, running but accepting only local connections (listening on rather than, or running on a different port.

The listen address and port are printed in the logs on startup

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Which package source did you get it from? Based on the version number, I assume from SynoCommunity. That package ships firewall rule templates for each of Syncthing’s ports in regular use. So check if a firewall exception might be needed here.

Otherwise, it could be the GUI listen address which you can find in config.xml. If it’s then you won’t be able to connect from any other computer. The default however is for that package.

You may also want to check if several instances may be running. E.g. if you installed several packages from different sources they might end up trying to use the same port. The later ones will choose a different port automatically. But if 8384 is in use, there should not be a connection refused message.

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Thanks @AudriusButkevicius and @acolomb for your fast suggestions! Really appreciated!

Indeed, I use the SynoCommunity version. I did earlier use the “offical” version from Github and configured custom ports. With your indications on where to find the used ports, I found them using SSH in the config.xml file. They were different than the default installation at 8384, but in the process of updating to DSM 7 and then reverting to the Synocommunity package, the links in DSM itself only refer to the default port of 8384 and not to my previously configured custom ports.

Thanks, I would not have found this without your hints!

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