web page not visible

I recently rebooted my server and upon reboot, syncthing boots up fine, and reports when it has scanned my folders(via the command line).

But, when I try to look at the web page, it does no longer show up.

Nothing else has changed in my set up besides the reboot.

Why might this be happening?

Check the Syncthing logs. One of the first lines prints the address and port it is listening on - maybe that changed?


Where do I find the logs for syncthing?

I looked in .var/log No luck.

I also just noticed that the computer synchronizing with my server is downloading data fro mthe server, so the server is up and running.

To stdout. Whether that ends up in some file/logging service depends on how you start it. Should be visible at the same place you found this:

I found a small number of references to 8384:

[CU3CN] 08:48:54 INFO: GUI and API listening on

[CU3CN] 08:48:54 INFO: Access the GUI via the following URL:

[CU3CN] 08:48:53 INFO: Using discovery mechanism: IPv6 local multicast discovery on address [ff12::8384]:21027



That implies you are accessing via the wrong address, or if you are accessing it from a different machine, a firewall might be blocking the access.

My firewall situation did nto change from before I rebooted the server(when it worked) and after I rebooted the server,(when it did not work).

I understood that I was apparently accessing it from the wrong address. But, how can I find the right address?

The IP of the server has not changed.

I accessed it from outside of the server before rebooting the server.

If you are accessing it at port 8384 you are doing the right thing. If it’s not accessible there, something other than Syncthing is preventing the connection. We can only guess what it is, and the usual culprit is a firewall. Maybe some anti-virus/malware thing might cause it too, though less likely.

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