Web GUI not using system time

On, the web GUI on my PC, all the times are in UTC. But that’s not what my system uses. In the terminal, if I type date, it says the correct time. Is there a setting I need to change somewhere?

Is Syncthing running on the same host where you access the GUI? Where do you actually see the wrong timestamps? Which browser or GUI wrapper are you using? What operating system?

Yes, it’s running on the same host. I set it up to auto start with a systemd user service. I’m accessing the default GUI at localhost:8384 on Librewolf browser. I see now that it must be related to the browser because the time is right in Firefox and Chromium. I’m on Ubuntu 22.04.

The wrong timestamps are at Last Scan for Folders.

Ok, nevermind, the wrong timezone is related to Librewolf’s antifingerprinting measures.


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