WD Mycloud Password Reset

Does anyone have some directions on how to reset the password on WD Mycloud? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I accidentally made an auto-password without saving and now can’t access anything on that new install.

FAQ covers how to do this in general, not device specific tho

You can do a factory reset by inserting a paper clip in the back for a period of time. The manual is online for the procedure. Doesn’t affect the files you have.

BTW, are you using Syncthing with version 5 firmware? I have been hesitant to upgrade until I know how and if it works OK.

Terry, Yes, I used the OS5 version. However, I was locked out almost immediately when trying to up the security on it. Now I have no idea how to access whatever base files are apparently needed and saved to reset the password.

The FAQ does not cover this specific case where I am locked out by password with no way to reset it on this device as the files are not accessible or their location known to me.

We don’t maintain device specific packages. You are probably better off talking to whoever produced the package for your device.

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