Watcher: Error while traversing - permission denied on Synology Diskstation

Hey, guys,

I was very excited about the new watcher feature and wanted to try it out on my Synology Diskstation right away. Unfortunately without success. Also a new installation of Syncthing did not lead to success.

As far as I can see, the rights for “sc-syncthing” are set correctly. The affected Sync folder has all read and write rights and the folders above have the traversing right.

I would like to attach a logfile, but I don’t know where to find it. The FAQ didn’t help me here either.

Since I don’t know what to do, I’m here now and hope you can help me.

Many greetings BenneX

There should be a path in that error message, and that path (not necessarily the folder root path) cannot be accessed by Syncthing and you’ll have to figure out why, that’s not really possible to know from outside.

That’s right. The displayed link is the one from the Sync folder. If the rights are defective, it shouldn’t have worked before, should it? However, the error has only occurred since the watcher was activated.

The difference is, that the normal scanner just silently doesn’t scan/add the file it doesn’t have access to, while the watcher (actually the backend library) fails when encountering a file that it doesn’t have access to.

All right, I understand.

Does the log show more exactly with which files or folders the Watcher has problems? If yes, how do I access the log?

The help from the FAQ unfortunately doesn’t help me, because I can’t do anything with the statement “Syncthing logs to stdout by default”.

Thank you very much for your effort!

The error in the log file should be the same as in the web UI. What the FAQ say is essentially that logs are not saved by Syncthing automatically, but depending on how Syncthing is started (-logfile option, capturing the command output manually or automatically through a “service handling mechanism” (e.g. systemd)). However you can access logs in the web UI under actions->logs.

Again, the path should already be in the displayed UI error and once you have that path, what you need to do is why the user Syncthing is running as cannot modify that path.

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