Warning "no such file or directory" | .syncthing.my_other_f.ile.tmp?


As it does not “pause” the process I’m not really worried, just curious :

why this warning about a probably deleted files during the “normal” process of sync’ ?

Not sure I understand the question in full, but I’ll try and answer: It just gets a set of instructions from a remote peer to delete the file, though the file is already gone locally, which makes it pause the sync until it eventually rescans the folder and realize that the file is gone, and fix itself up.

I assume you removed the file on both ends manually which has led to this?

No I did not remove any file on both hands manually;

Here is the background :

3 pc - A B C - those 3 share the same folder “desktop”.

A and B are online (at office). B is a global storage. C is offline (at home).

I’m working on A - creating / moving / deleting files during my hard day of intensive labor :smile: then I leave office and go back home.

I power on C (at home. A and B are still online at office). While syncthing does its things I have those warnings about “no such file or directory” and indeed new expected files on the “desktop” of C - and also 3 sync-conflict per newly created file…

(As I’ve said in other post, I’m currently “testing” syncthing in order to understand how it works. I may have gone wrong while setting up my shares…)

Well if it eventually gets in sync, then it’s not such a big problem. Conflicts happen when you modify two files concurrently while the two devices didn’t manage to exchange information about the modification.

Well I may have found the reason for sync-conflict : a same location was twice shared under two differents Folder-ID…

Maybe it’s also the reason of the “.syncthing.example.ext.tmp” which are the hidden non-yet sync’d file…