"WARNING: Found something of unexpected type in block list map"

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I experienced a similar issue last year. Then, it was on Windows. This time, it’s happening on Android. The situation appears to be very similar though. The difference between then and now is that this time I can reproduce the errors at will, although not in a clean setup.

  1. Change the folder type from SR to RO.
  2. Add new files to the folder which are then detected as “Local Additions”.
  3. Change the folder type again from RO to SR.
  4. Errors start appearing immediately, although Syncthing itself doesn’t panic.

This is a full log with db and model enabled. I have redacted device IDs and filenames though. In case they’re essential for debugging, please let me know, and I can then share the original logs privately.

syncthing.redacted.log (368.8 KB)

The errors themselves look like this:

WARNING: Found something of unexpected type in block list map: File{Name:"", Sequence:2039, Permissions:0660, ModTime:2022-02-11 17:34:01.229113504 +0100 CET, Version:{[{4U57YYM 1644597252} {44CRNGM 1639833106}]}, VersionHash:, Length:2051, Deleted:false, Invalid:false, LocalFlags:0x8, NoPermissions:true, BlockSize:131072, Blocks:[Block{0/2051/1081798609/25bdea6b1a1c7de50a366b0cab89a736cf5f572629ac9a155bbc5f0a773f8f2c}], BlocksHash:1d7d0bd6d88453e78a7c095bdce2a3b13207243e484ee3edbb6f29a21a4f9351}

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