"wants to share folder" for a folder that is already shared


First, thanks for a great product.

I have a strange problem that happens from time to time. Usually recreating the shares solves it, but not always.

I have 3 nodes in my setup: Laptop, Tower, and Banana. Most of my folders are synced between the three.

Sometimes, when I add a new folder, one of the nodes receives two separate “wants to share a folder” message for the same folder, from the two different nodes, and shows “wants to share a folder” message twice. Is this normal behavior? Should I accept both and provide the same local path?

for example, I created folder 1234 on Laptop, shared with Banana and Tower :

I accepted it on Tower :

And I accepted the “Laptop wants to share folder 1234. Share this folder?” message on Banana. Later, Banana gets a duplicate message: “Tower wants to share folder 1234. Share this folder?” Note the ID is the same - it’s the same folder:

In previous attempts, deleting everything and recreating the folder sometimes (not always) solves the problem.

Any idea why this is like that?

thanks Uri

as you can see in the last screenshot from “banana”, the folder “1234” is only shared with “laptop” but not with “tower”. If you like to share this folder click “share” - if not, you need to un-share it on the other side “tower”

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Thanks, uok. for some reasoni was under the impression that clicking “Share” wouuld create a separate share.

thanks Uri