want to install syncthing in netgear readynas 628x

how to install Syncthing in Netgear ReadyNas 628X

According to Netgear’s datasheets and user manual, the ReadyNAS 628X has an Intel Xeon CPU and runs a custom Linux distribution, so it should be binary compatible with the 64-bit Intel/AMD package listed on the Syncthing downloads page: https://syncthing.net/downloads/

A quick skim of the user manual mentions shell access via SSH, so it’s likely the best approach because Netgear’s “ReadyNAS OS 6” doesn’t seem to support any 3rd-party apps via Docker containers or otherwise.

One caveat is that Netgear appears to have stopped selling NAS devices, and the ReadyNAS 628X has been discontinued for quite some time. If the datasheet is current, ReadyNAS OS 6 is using a Linux 4.x kernel which shouldn’t be an issue for Syncthing, but there could be compatibility issues between the older GNU libc libraries and newer versions of Syncthing. Only way to know for certain is it give it a try.

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