Want to backup a specific folder on phone with a specific folder on NAS

I’m running Syncthing on my Synology NAS 6.2.4 and trying to integrate it into my current file structure.

What I’m trying to do is to backup both my Camera folder on my SD card and my internal storage camera files onto a specific folder I already have on my NAS.

I don’t want it going to /volume2/@appstore/syncthing/var/camera. I want it to go to /volume1/photos/mobilebackup. I don’t mind it going to ~/mobilebackup/0(for internal and ~/mobilebackup/sd as long as its on volume1/photos/.

Is there a way to do this? I have searched the forums and can’t find the answer. Please help. Thanks.


You have specify the path of your choice as you create the folder.

@jastsai306, you mentioned backup. Remember that Syncthing is not a backup tool, it is a synchronization tool. Unlike a backup tool, it is designed to propagate deletes as well.

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