Waiting for new share notification for ever

Hi I have 2 laptops A & B in the LAN (local disco enabled). I created a new folder share F2 on A (0.14.27rc2) and invited B (0.14.26) yesterday .

How long does it take for B to be notified ?

On both, restartOnWakeup is disabled and firewall is set allow udp 21027 in from any (other share F1 with A & B works OK, i.e. changes in F1 either from A or B are synched in seconds). I kept both up for 1 hour +, but still no notif in B’s GUI, and A shows B synching 0% forever. I know if I restart A, B will be notified (I experienced this with a remote device)

Thank you

The notification happens when the devices connect. To force that to happen you can, for example, pause and resume the device.

Hi Jakob So for always on devices there’ll never be notifications ? Whatever the reconnectionIntervalS setting value is ?

Changing the folder sharing on the other side causes a reconnect, which generates the “folder rejected” event, which pops up the prompt in the GUI. If a long time then passes and the event expires there will be no more prompt until the next connect.

The reconnection interval sets how often a device tries to re-establish a connection when it’s disconnected.

This is the thing. Thank you

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