Wail until the file is complete

I am syncing a file between an app that generates files and other witch consume these files, the thing is the first app takes about 10 seconds generating the file, but at the first second it puts the file in the folder, syncthing syncs the file immediately and the second app consume the file as soon as it receives, but it creates a problem because, the second app starts to consume the file, but it has not finished, is there a way, to say to syncthing to wait about 15 seconds as soon as it detect a new file?

Thanks for your help. Regards!

Have you tried Fs Watcher Delay (seconds) in the Advanced Configuration? Syncthing by default waits for 10 seconds before pushing the changes. You may want to set this to a higher value, e.g. 60 seconds.

For this specific use case though, I think that you may need to disable periodic scanning also.

Tomas, you tell me, first I had checked “watch for changes” and I realized the problem I told you, know I am trying unchecking “watch for changes” and configuring in Full Rescan Interval 120 seconds, do you thing is going to be better?, the problem is if exactly in the 120 second, the app generate the file.

Do you have a better idea? Thanks!

Please check https://docs.syncthing.net/users/advanced.html.

I would try using these settings and keep observing the situation closely for some time to make sure that all the files are synchronised as supposed.


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