/volume1/path...: permission denied

I am getting a permission denied error and am unable to resolve it. the root folder has the correct permissions on the NAS that its accessing and all the underlying folders should inherit the same permissions as the root. not sure how to fix this issue?

This is not really a syncthing question. Syncthing just uses the permissions it was given by the system. You might have more luck asking on your NAS forums.

The way permissions work with shares and docker is the app is granted permissions for the share, so if there was a permissions issue, it would apply to everything, but in this case Syncthing cant access 3 folders, but all the other 100’s of folders on the same share point was fine.

Syncthing doesn’t have any code that would start returning permission errors, those errors are coming from the operating system, not syncthing.

Suggest you check the other 100 folders how they differ. My money would be on ACLs, not just permissions.

We take errors returned to us by the OS, and propagate them to the UI, yes.

This error is however related to file watching (rather than write permissions which is what I assumed due to lack of information in the inital post), it’s still an error coming from the operating system.

/volume1/PlexMediaServer/TV/Mind Your Language *

Would this work at removing this path, So I can just avoid this altogether? Since it’s only that folder thats having the issue?

The documentation covers this.

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