VirtualBox network settings for syncthing?

I am running syncthing v0.11.17 on Debian in VirtualBox on a MacBook. I am trying to connect to a Raspberry Pi running syncthing. Debian/VirtualBox does not connect to the Raspberry Pi, but the Raspberry Pi connects to Debian/VirtualBox. I tried both VirtualBox NAT and Bridged Adapter network settings without success. Does anyone have a working VirtualBox network setup?



I think it drops multicast/broadcast packets, so Google for that. And you’d have to use a bridged connection, NAT won’t work.

Yes, Arch Linux Guest on Windows Host, Bridged Network, DHCP-Server is my Router, connecting without problems to a NAS with ARM-CPU. Connection is via IPv4


Thank you for your replies Andrius and Ewald. I installed the same versions of VirtualBox, Debian, and Syncthing on my iMac and everything works perfectly! However, on my MacBook running VirtualBox/Debian I get a “Connection Error” message on the Syncthing GUI every time I try to add a device. I am using the bridged network adapter on VirtualBox. The problem must be a hardware/software bug between VirtualBox and the MacBook. I will search for the multicast/broadcast packet drop problem. Any more troubleshooting suggestions?

Syncthing is working fine now on my MacBook/VirtualBox/Debian setup. I changed the device address from dynamic to ip:22000 and connected successfully to my Raspberry Pi server. I changed the address back to dynamic and it still works! Thank you developers for a great file sync application.