Very slow syncing (after synctrayzor update)


for the past few days, my two servers have been synching very slowly, sometimes halting completely. It worked very well for a long time, I’ve been using syncthing for about a year now. I’m running syncthing on windows, with SyncTrayzor, and the only change I can think of is that i’ve recently updated SyncTrayzor (just a few days ago). Already restarting both machines and routers.

The transfer speed is now around 30 KiB/s. Both servers have 100mbps up and 100mbps down, although they are on different continents so the usual data transfer rate is about 2-5 MiB/s.

Is there anywhere in the logs or UI I could look to troubleshoot this?

I would try to re-download and install a fresh or older version of syncthing (the raw one, without synctrayzor) but it can take quite a while to re-configure everything so I thought i’d ask here first.

Which type of connection is established? tcp, quic or relay?

Hmm, from the logs I would assume this is quic?

[MGOM2] 21:18:23 INFO: Established secure connection to D7G**** at [::]:22000-123.redacted:22000/quic-client/TLS1.3-TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 [MGOM2] 21:18:23 INFO: Device D7G**** client is “syncthing v1.14.0” named “–redacted–” at [::]:22000-123.redacted:22000/quic-client/TLS1.3-TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256

Could you forward the ports in your router and check if a tcp is faster?

You may also want to check your Windows network settings whether a) the connection is set to private and not public, and b) SyncTrayzor and Syncthing are allowed to use private connections in the Windows Firewall. Otherwise, Windows will not allow any direct connections in those programs.

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