very slow on lan/wifi i discovered today

Today I have observed, that my centralized linux server, all running latest 0.14.47 linux 64bit x64, suddenly talks only very slowly and in burtsts to neighboring wifi clients (win10, x64, also on latest syncthing).

what struck me odd is the multiple tens of seconds complete lack of traffic according to localhost config webpage of syncthing on all machines. and then very short small bursts of traffic sometimes to megabyte but mostly right now only to a few tens of kilobytes/sec and then back to zero.

the main linux server is trying to fetch 3 files in total with 400megabyte in sum and is taking hours to do so and barely progressing.

the two win10 wifi machines have the files. try to send them to the linux machine. but only in bursts and slowly.

I have only recently come across this odd behavior, some other day the one machine win7 x64 was on a slow dsl line and I first thought it was the slow upload capacity of that dsl line, but today some two other win10 clients show the same situation but inside the lan/wifi :frowning:

wondering what is happening here and that nobody else is speaking about this. is it possible that .47 introduced some new networking bug?

any way to debug the situation what is truly wrong here? tia.

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more infos: i have obviously restarted the syncthing process on the linux machine several times to make them reconnect, and also already on the one win10 machine.

lsof tells me that both are properly tcp/22000 connected to my linux machine, so both win10 via ipv4 of the lan/wifi network properly established to the tcp/22000 of the linux machine via ipv4.

wondering what is wrong here… ? :frowning:

total network statistics (syncthing localhost overview page) on the linux machine now show, 5mins uptime and ~11mib of total download traffic although everything is on lan/wifi

there gotta be something borked here :frowning:

Are you sure you are not connected via a relay? What does the “addresses” for each device say?

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I am sure as the lan IPv4 addresses are shown also in the stats over view page of the devices.

but later that day after more restarts even of the whole linux machine the transfer speed between some two machines linux/win10 was “speedy” in the range of like some tens of kilobytes a second, still slow but eventually catched up those left over few hundred megabytes. couldnt debug it more, will see how this turns out in the future.

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