Very slow obsidian syncing to between android and PC using hotspot

I am trying to sync obsidian notes to my Android. Transferring speed is so slow. please help me

you are running behind a port restricted NAT. speed is always limited if no direct connection can be formed.

just open port 22000 as UDP and TCP to your PC on your router and it should speed up to the maximum bandwidth available between your phones internet and your pc’s internet.

never heard of this. how can I do this, can you please elaborate more on this

You have to login into your internet router. (the thing that is connected to the internet, that gives internet to all your things at home)
In there you have to set up port forwarding as I just described to your pc or homeserver.
If you need help figuring that out, best ask a friend or relative with IT knowledge to set this up for you.
I cannot and will not help remotely in this regard since my time is limited.

Thanks… the keyword you mentioned “port forwarding” I search on internet, read about it and change accordingly. Now speed is normal.

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