Very low LAN speed, is it due to the high CPU usage?

I am syncing between a computer (windows) and a raspberry 2 (raspbian), and what intrigues me is that while both machines can get 1.4 Mb/s connecting at internet (which is the bottleneck), the communication between them is only of 200-500 K/s.

I can see that the raspberry goes from 90 to 95% in the CPU usage, still never at 100% (this was the case with the raspberry previous model).

Then, I’d expect (wifi n) to have like about 10 Mb/s, or at least the same speed as with internet. Am I right to expect this when using syncthing?

Has it finished scanning, etc? It should improve with 0.12, but yes, you can expect this, as you are running syncthing basically on a clever calculator.

Ok, thanks!

After a while you should be at least over 1 MB/s with GUI closed. I did not do a good speed test on a raspberry pi 2, but syncing from a pi 2 to a pi 1 I got 500 Kb/s with the pi 2 only using one CPU at maximum or even below. At the beginning it is slower because the index has to be processed but after a few minutes the speed got up.

Close the GUI, wait for a long time and check speed and cpu usage with iftop and top and not with the syncthing GUI, 200-500KB/s is too slow for a pi 2 (except if you maybe sync only a lot of small files). And also like @AudriusButkevicius said, try v0.12. Especially if you sync a lot of data/files you will have problems with v0.11 because of ping timeouts on slow devices.

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