Very high CPU usage on Windows and Android

Syncing 8 folders of up to 140 GB containing media and documents among 3 (Win 8.1 & 7 x64) machines and an Android 4.4.4 phone. CPU is super high - 90+% sometimes, 40+% most time - on the PCs and Android despite setting initial scan and sync completing and Rescan Interval set to 0. I’ve restarted clients on all devices multiple times. CPU was pretty low when I originally tested Syncthing with really small folders, so it seems there’s some scaling problem? Or is there something I’m missing? All peers are introducers.

May I point you to the FAQ:

Once the initial scan is finished, the CPU comsumption should lower a lot during ideling. Transfer however, plz see above.

You’re using SyncTrayzor, right? If you watch C:\Users\<You>\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor\logs\SyncTrayzor.log you’ll see all of the events from Syncthing’s events interface flooding in. You should be able to get a pretty decent idea about what it’s spending all of its time doing from this.

Also, there’s an option to run Syncthing as a low-priority process in the settings. Not a fix, for sure, but it should give your computer some breathing room while you investigate this.

@bigbear2nd Thanks for the FAQ link. I’ll probably try disabling compression next time.

@canton7 Thanks. A cursory look at the logs doesn’t reveal anything so far.

I’ve switched back to BitTorrent Sync for the time being. My issue with BTS is the Android client is broken, but at least the desktop clients don’t KO my CPU. Having the reverse problem with Syncthing frustrated sigh

@jdrch might fix it. If you are willing to try I can build an apk for you to test this feature…

Thanks but I’ll have to put a hold on that for now due to having gotten BTS up and running again (yes, I’m kind of switching back and forth as either one breaks in some way) and real world demands.