Versions without dates?

I am trying to use the simple versioning. It is all good but I hate that it adds a date. Well I know why it is dated, but in my use case I hate that it adds dates to the versions. I am using a single file version so I do not want any dates or version numbers. I

Is it possible to get rid of the dates from the files names when they are versioned? As I said I will only have a single version per file, the reason is that I want to keep it simple so that recovering the file is as simple as drag and drop, otherwise I have to rename all those files when needed.

I am basically trying to use one node as a back up drive. The root folders will alway be empty but .stversions will have the last copies of all the files put on the nodes.


No, it’s not possible as far as I am aware.

you could use the external versioner that will be in v0.11 with a simple script that just saves one version

Hi Thanks for the replies.


How does the external versioner work? COuld it be used to Gpg the versions also?

the external versioner just calls a external program/script with 2 parameters:

  1. the path to your synced folder
  2. the relative path to your file from your synced folder your script then can do whatever you want, it just has to remove the file from your synced folder. (this should be added to the wiki^^)