Versioning with ID

Could the simple file versioning be adjusted so that instead of only the date and time, the ID (of the editor) is also in the filename?

Where is the file versioning implemented anyway? I could not find it in the code…

I’m thankful for any help or clue how this could be implemented!

It’s in lib/versioner directory. What does the id of the editor mean tho? The device that produced the file that is being versioned? Or the device who’s change is triggering the versioning to happen? If its the latter then it’s a bit of a wishy washy definition, as there might be multiple changes to the file before you come online and decide to download it at which point there might not be a sole owner of all the changes…

And yes, it would be possible id in general (whatever id means in this context) this would snowball into a bigger change as there are currently things relying on the path format which would have to fixed to support both old and new formats, or to be honest, hand over formatting extraction to the versioner implementations themselves.

Ah i see, in lib/versioner. Thx!

The device ID that created or changed the file. In my mind there is a “server” that stores the file versions and always runs. all other devices synchronize without the versioning. But in this scenario you wouldn’t know who created the file if I understood the versioning correctly… so the versioning would have to store the original version also when creating a file.

I see the problems with the file name if you change it, but i think this is the simplest solution for this scenario.

It is important that you would see who made what changes to the file. It doesn’t matter if a device edited the file offline several times.