Versioning - Best way to Clear out/Delete/Reset

I’m using Staggered File Versioning between 2 PC’s with great success - it’s saved me a couple of times from deleted, corrupt files.

The versioning files are stored in a separate folder (C:\Sync-Deleted)

Now I’m going to backup all my actual data and would like to clear-out/Reset the versioning files.

What’s the best/clean way to do this ? 1). Just delete all the files/folders under the C:\Sync-Deleted 2). Turn off Versioning and then delete 3). Some other way ??

What ever way I don’t want to corrupt any databases that syncthing is/maybe using.

Many thanks for some great software :slight_smile:


Versioned files are not tracked anywhere

Thanks Audrius Will stop Syncthing/delete files/restart and see if anything breaks :smiley:


ST will only look in the folder while moving files there so there is no need to stop ST.

Just Delete the files and folders ST will not care.

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