Version without transport encryption for ham radio

A version/build/switch without any encryption (hashes are fine) would be very useful for Arden. It’s a wireless mesh network using ham radio frequencies. The problem is that encryption can’t be used over ham radio comms. The lan sync option might work but the authentication using asymmetric crypto might be a problem.

Sorry, no, I don’t think this is feasible. Even if we could set the transfer crypto to “null”, we still need the cryptographic handshake for authentication of device IDs. This may or may not be over the line, I’m not sure.

Regardless, even if technically feasible, having the ability to turn off encryption is a huge foot gun. Users would be likely to disable encryption in a misguided attempt to accomplish higher performance, putting themselves and their peers at risk. I don’t see any gain to counter this risk - for almost anyone else than your niche use case, that is.

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Understandable. Plus you’re totally right about users shooting themselves in the foot with that. Thanks!

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