Version and date missing from "The next release…" message in the forum header

Recently, the information in the forum header is either displayed as follows,


with both the version number and the date missing, or sometimes the whole line is missing entirely.

Your browser may have cached the release info from the roughly two minutes between the 1.15.0 milestone being closed and me creating the 1.15.1 one.

I had the problem for a few days before v1.15.0 though. I did check different browsers too, including the incognito mode in Chromium and Tor Browser, so I doubt that it was a cache issue. However, right now the string is displayed correctly again, so I would guess that the problem is no longer here :wink:.

I’m writing in this thread again, because I’ve noticed today that the expected date of v1.18.1 is wrong.

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I corrected the release date.

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