Version 1.2.2 upgrade. No GUI access on Ubuntu

I upgraded to 1.2.2 on a Linux Mint 19, and an Ubuntu 18.04 machine. Afterwards I was unable in any way on either machine to access the gui on the localhost anymore. Anyone else seeing this? I went back to the previous version of Syncthing and have no problem, all other packages on the machines upgraded except the upgrade to 1.2.2.

Works fine here on debian. Check logs for clues.

I had a similar thing here. My 18.04 machine has syncthing running and linked to the apt repository. It recently upgraded and the daemon was no longer listening on the GUI port. It was listening on port 22000. My syncthing is listening on an IP on my zerotier network:

/usr/bin/syncthing -no-browser -gui-address= -no-restart -logflags=0

The zerotier daemon likely upgraded at the same time as syncthing so I suspect that 10.200* address didn’t exist at the time syncthing started so it just ignored it.

I fixed my machine like this:

service syncthing@wscott restart
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