v1.25 Multiple Connections not connecting

Just testing out multiple connections feature. I’m mainly interested in whether multiple TCP connections or multiple QUIC connections provide a performance boost over a long distance, high latency connection.

System 1 is a NAS running Docker. I’m not using host networking on the docker. Firewall has TCP and UDP properly forwarded and there’s no connectivity issue. System 2 is outside the LAN of System 1 and 8000 miles away. Connection is through an unknown firewall. System 1 cannot initiate with system 2. But System 2 can initiate with System 1.

First connection is established with no problem. Both systems have their “Number of Connections” under “Connection Management” increased to 8. But the connections never increase. I only ever have one connection. I’m transferring a single large file as a test.

The logs on System 1 repeatedly show “Connection from XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXetc at IPADDRESS (tcp-server) rejected: already connected to this device.” But since the connection count on both devices is 8, why doesn’t it accept the connection?

It seems there is some other criteria to enable multiple connections that’s not written in the Docs. Are Multiple NICs with different IP addresses REQUIRED? Or should I be able to establish 8 TCP connections from the same machine via the same Address (WAN IP and Port)

Any ideas?

Reading the code, I think the changes only take effect on the next fresh connection between the two devices. Try pausing one device on the other, or restart one of the devices.

I had paused and resumed… I just restarted both instances, waited about 5 minutes and still only the one connection…

Works fine for me. Tested with TCP and QUIC in a simple LAN environment.

Could you share a screenshot of the web UI and the redacted logs of your test?

I’ll do that in a few days when I have some time to try again.

Any idea if there’s a restriction with respect to LAN vs WAN connections? Actually one side thinks it’s connected via LAN (inside the docker container) and the other side knows it’s connected via WAN. (Which is correct)

Docker seems to have problems properly NATting UDP traffic:

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