v1.14.0-rc.1 | Editable default values for folders, devices

A very good feature


Could e.g. versioning also be consider?

What do you mean? Versioning is one of the things you can set on a folder.


I believe that the only thing which you cannot set this way are ignore patterns. Everything else should be available either in the Edit Folder window or in the Advanced Configuration.

It calls “Editable default values for folders, devices”. With the Versioning I mean in principle the same as for parameters. If I set up a new device and would like to have a versioning for each peer, this is no effort with two peers. That would be the same with the adjusted default values. If, on the other hand, I have 40, 50, 60 peers, as on my servers, or over 20, as on one of my laptops, then it becomes time-consuming. So also here it would be good to have it in the defaults.

Nice example. On the Synology server I can now activate the “Ignore Permissions” in the defaults, because its a must for each peer. With more than 60 peers, I had to scroll through every tab in the “Advanced Configuration” and check the control box for every peer. So, if I could activate in the defaults, I would do the same with the versioning type I have chosen, for example “Simple File Versioning” with “5” versions.

Versioning is part of folder.

You can do precisely that. But you’re talking about “peers” which sounds like devices, and versioning is a folder setting (and hence a folder default).

I know that from the folder settings. Peer = Folder. What you show I mean additionally in the folder defaults.

The screenshot is of the folder defaults. I guess you’re trolling me at this point.


I wouldn’t think of that in life.

It was my fault. The two buttons were initially not available after the upgrade. After restarting and refreshing the browser, these are available in Settings > General tab:


And now with the option of specifying file versioning by default

At first I only saw the tabs in the advanced settings:

Very good feature!

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Would it be conceivable to trigger a “mass change” with a further button? That means, such button may change values for all Folder or Devices which are already available.

After having a similar use-case once I’ve added a way to do mass changes to syncthingctl by running a JavaScript on the Syncthing configuration JSON (see example). I’ve never used it much after that one use-case I had so it is not very extensively tested. You could of course do something similar with just plain curl and jq.

I do mass changes with the config.xml using find and replace in notepad++. Having a ‘apply to all folders’ button would be useful if those changes meant I didn’t need to restart St.

That I use also in the past. In my case it means to find


and replace with

    <versioning type="simple">
        <param key="cleanoutDays" val="60"></param>
        <param key="keep" val="5"></param>

Why is it not possible to set default ignores this way?

Also, I find the fields/strings(66 & 215) from the original GUI (in Actions/Settings) were left behind and replaced by the ones from Add/Edit Folder which are not the same (133 & 214) at all in wording.

Ignores work differently from configuration. I will look into making default ignores too at some point.

I don’t understand that. What are those numbers? What has been replaced from where?

These are the strings in Transifex for reference, i.e. Default Folder Path != Folder Path (same for online description of each related field). I feel there is some kind of catch22 therein :slight_smile: because you caught the Add/Edit popups (I believe you coders say “Modal”) as templates for Defaults ones.

What existed as the default folder path is now the folder path of the default folder. Thus the default folder path string isn’t used anymore. I don’t see any problem here.

Hi Simon

This was just a comment for me to make sure how and which strings to change/translate. So now I know what I have to do. Many thanks

Here is how I dealt with the 2 usages of the same field (french below) :

Path to the directory to synchronise in local device. It will be created if it does not exist. You can type in an absolute path (e.g. “/home/me/Sync/Example”) or relative to the program’s one (e.g. “…\Sync\Example” - useful for a portable). Tilde charcacter (~) can be used as a shortcut to

In “Defaults” customisation screen, this field is where you specify the path where auto-accepted Folders will have their own directory created, as well as the initial path on Folder creation. Tilde charcacter (~) can be used as a shortcut for {{tilde}}.

Chemin vers le répertoire à partager dans l’appareil local. Il sera créé s’il n’existe pas. Vous pouvez entrer un chemin absolu (p.ex “/home/moi/Sync/Exemple”) ou relatif à celui du programme (p.ex “…\Partages\Exemple” - utile pour installation portable). Le caractère tilde (~, ou ~+Espace sous Windows) peut être utilisé comme raccourci vers Dans l’écran de “Personnalisation” des valeurs par défaut, ce champ indique le chemin dans lequel les partages acceptés automatiquement seront créés, ainsi que chemin de base suggéré lors de l’enregistrement des nouveaux partages. Le caractère tilde (~) est un raccourci pour {{tilde}}.

[EDIT] (all the following seems fixed in 1.14-rc.2): Now, we have rw access to the Folder Path field in Edit folder. Intended? Could be puzzling to ones who touch (and then decide otherwize) the field as they trigger the Warning, this path is a subdirectory of an existing folder “{{otherFolderLabel}}” ({{otherFolder}}).

Also, now, the Edit folder dialog has title: " Edit Folder Defaults". This may be a bug as Edit dialog still has the genuine title for Edit Device. And around this very dialog (i.e. Folders), which is now the same for Defaults if I read and understood correctly a sentence above, and so I guess you devs switch the title depending on which button the user hits (Add, Edit, Defaults), I feel it is desirable to make (if possible) the embeded help/description for Folder Path field context dependant, I mean same for Add/Edit as it used to be (as long as Edit will be fixed back to read-only for the Folder Path field) but specific for Defaults context.

Just a hope, I’ll reword description translation according to your decision.

Thank you guys, ST is getting better and better.

Does your edit (that everything is fixes) apply to everything? I don’t see any of the issues you describe. If not everything is fixed, please post screenshots pointing out what the problem is.