[v0.8.8] Updated UI

Version 0.8.8 includes an updated UI;

The main changes are;

  • Each node and repository is now a separately collapsible entity, where only one is open at a time. Hence more space can be given to each section, enabling;
    • Clearer descriptions of metrics (text, instead of just icon)
    • More space consuming metrics, such as which nodes are sharing a given repository.
  • Each node / repository section is colored and tagged on the right with their current status for an at-a-glance view.
  • New “Edit” dropdown at the top right holding the Settings, Add Node/Repo and new Restart and Shutdown options.
  • Lighter, slightly less contrasty color scheme.


It’s not released, yet? See: https://github.com/calmh/syncthing/releases/latest

Correct. Maybe this evening, if nothing else comes up. Historically I usually do the releases on sundays but that’s been a bit off lately.

Nice. That will make it easier to quickly see what is going on across larger clusters.

It will also work a lot better on the Android app…