[v0.8.3] Self upgrade

v0.8.3 includes support for performing basic self-upgrade. To perform an upgrade (i.e. when v0.8.4 or higher is out), run syncthing -upgrade. It does not happen automatically. When called with the -upgrade flag, syncthing will

  1. Check Github for the latest release and compare to the current running version. If the release version isn’t higher than what we’re running, exit.

  2. Download the .tar.gz for the corrent OS and architecture and save the syncthing binary to a temporary location.

  3. If everything went well, rename the current syncthing binary to syncthing.$oldversion and rename the downloaded binary to syncthing.

Upgrade isn’t currently supported on Windows; there are issues with file locking etc that need sorting out.

Notably, syncthing doesn’t verify the GPG signature of the binary. However it’s fetched using HTTPS from github.com (certificates verified), so unless Github has been hacked it’s should all be good.

GUI support to come.

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