v0.14.47: panic: leveldb/table: corruption on data-block / checksum mismatch


all of a sudden, Syncthing stopped working on my WIN7 machine.

I’ve read a little bit in the forum, and before I delete the index directory, I post the logs, maybe they help and/or someone can identify the cause.

Good days everyone!

Attached the zipped logs: st_panic-20180604.zip (124.0 KB)

check your RAM and disk for possible errors

I’ve tested the corresp. DiskDrive with HDDScan and CrystalDiskInfo and both did not show any unusual or bad things.

If the RAM would be defect/erroneous/crazy, not only Syncthing would have a problem. I’m having about 10 programs/services running, all of them use the same RAM and only Syncthing is having problems. So its either the Disk, or the Syncthing Database, I guess. If you have any hints for a better scanning of ram-/disk-errors, let me know, please.

If there is nothing the logs can tell, I’m trying to delete the database and look whats happening. But that will take some time, because I need to sync all the non-synced files by hand before the re-index will erase important files on the read/write folders…

It also could be due to abrupt shutdown, etc. The fact stays, the db is corrupt.

The Computer was up since a two weeks or so. I just rebooted to be sure, the error persists. Thanks, I will try the removal of the index-v0.14.0.db dir.

The error will not go away, the database is already corrupt.

That did the job. No panic anymore. If the error comes again, I will investigate further.

No Idea, why the database got corrupted.

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