UTF 8 error

I have latest version of syncthing 1.2 and I get this error. arhiv skripte npi/delujo?e skripte item is not in UTF8 encoding

in real path is npi/delujoče

Can you provide the full log line? It’s not clear where this is coming from.

OK here is log, it is too much to post here so I use zerobin. http://zerobin.povej.net/?0a0b4b1956ab6bd0#p1Bt8GzuVRBxpUUti6rDuRlAZmAqM5MVVFBx8AlP0o4=

It seems the name cannot be decoded in utf8, hence cannot be sent to others (as others would not know how to represent that file name locally).

it is because of čšž in name of file. Is there way around to make this work? Because I really can’t change all names of files or folders?

There might be some external tool that is able to rename all your files to utf8, there is no way to do that in syncthing.

Perhaps https://superuser.com/questions/327816/convert-file-names-into-utf helps.

The problem is that it’s not clear what your current encoding is and how to translate that to utf8.

I didn’t mean syncthing will rename that files but it will copy it with the names which exist. That are UTF8 charters. If german language works with umlauts than should this one too.

There are multiple ways of encoding non-ASCII characters at the filesystem level. Syncthing requires that you / the system use UTF-8. Your system apparently uses something else, at least for these files. The “renaming” in the link above is to change the encoding of the file name into UTF-8.

I checked this and founf out it was files on target server copied from windows server. I renamed that files on target server and it works, no errors.

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