Using Ubuntu's trash for external file versioning

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to setup Syncthing to “trash” files on my Ubuntu machine when they’ve been removed on another device. I’m aware of the built in trash can file versioning, but I would like this to be handled by Ubuntu’s trash functionality instead.

Ubuntu uses the command gio trash file_name_here so I have tried simply setting Syncthing’s external file versioning command to gio trash %FOLDER_PATH% %FILE_PATH%. Unfortunately this ends up sending the entire synced directory to the trash whenever any file in it has been removed…

Any advice or ideas on how to accomplish what I’m trying to get it to do?

Have you checked the examples listed on

Without any actual testing, I would guess that the simplest command in your case will be

gio trash "%FOLDER_PATH%/%FILE_PATH%"
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Aha, I didn’t see a slash being used in the example so I didn’t realize that was needed. This seems to work perfectly. Thank you very much!

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