Using Syncthing with Termux

I’ve just started using termux and would like to use syncthing within it.

Any pointers to best way to install syncthing in termux please?

I’m currently using the Android syncthing app to sync with several other android devices and a couple of windows and linux devices.

I’m not an Android dev, but from my understanding:

The Syncthing binary needs to be executable, but Android security only allows executable files in the system/app data partition, not the storage partition. Without root, you have no access to that partition to place the Syncthing binary.

I don’t know how the Syncthing binary from inside the Android App differs from the arm build which you can get from github but I think the arm build is just plain arm without android optimizations / corrections.

I use it with termux. just download rhe arm binary and run

Partially correct. Here is the build script we use for Android. It uses CGO and the native Android NDK to solve some nasty issues such as DNS resolution.

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