Using syncthing with relay servers only


I want to use syncthing in order to sync two computers that are connected to the internet but can’t connect directly. As I understand, I need to untick local discovery (because there’s no way that those computers can’t connect directly) and enable global & relay. I did it, but both of the nodes couldn’t “find” each other and connect.

I tried to set an explicit address to a relay server that I set up on my PC, and it worked. Why it didn’t work without setting an explicit address? I don’t want to set an explicit address because I want them to use the servers pool for stability reasons.

You don’t need to do anything, by default they will connect using relays by default if they cannot connect directly.

If you disabled discovery then it won’t work.

I’m curious if my eventual network topology is similar to yours @kubistika

My usage case is I have a number of classrooms that require all of the curriculum material and installer files on each machine, however the issue is that theres a limited number of internet accounts that we get at each location. Syncthing appears to be something that accomplishes all of the goals that we’re looking for and any experiences you can share with your setup might help me accomplish my goals as well.

I was thinking of explicitly using static IP’s for network infrastructure and then defining Hosts files or a central DNS server within the network of some kind.

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