using Syncthing on Qnap to sync up to web hositng account that has Owncloud

Greetings all:

I have spent a lot of time trying to find a way to do this using various methods without much success.

Can Syncthing be used with Owncloud? If so, what is the method in general terms to do the following:

My web hosting company offers Owncloud V8. I would like to find a way to keep selected folders on my QNAP NAS syncronized with slected folders on my web server. These folders are pictures and various other multimmedia types of filess. I do not want to duplicate or move the files to different locations on the NAS. The sync can at least for now be one way - from NAS (running Syncthing) to web host (hopefully using Owncloud). Later I might want to allow some 2 way sync but that is not a priority.

My internet connection is pitifully slow (768 up 3M down) so I would like to be able to schedule sync and limit the bandwidth used if possible. If I had a faster connection I would consider setting up web presence on NAS and dispense with the hosting company but this is not an option. I hope to allocate a trickle most of the time and for the wee hours open the pipe up fully to allow NAS to push any large changes. Again this is not critical, what is is being able to keep the folders in sync efficiently using compression where appropriate and possible without significant manual intervention.

I don’t have SSL support for hosted site and don’t see this as too much of an issue. Perhaps I can use some kind of PKI method. This is not a big deal. There is no commerce being done and no sensitive data. I would prefer that the transfer not be in the clear however.

I do want to set up a gallery on website that will mirror what I have done on the NAS locally. I hope to use the same gallery program locally on NAS as I will use on web host account. This is generally beyond the scope of this post but it might help to know that is my objective.



Syncthing syncs files on disk between two or more devices. I’m not sure how Owncloud works exactly, but I believe it also syncs files on disk with a central server (among other things)? But in this case, you only have two points - your web hosting company, and your NAS. Your web hosting company uses Owncloud. Don’t you, then, want an Owncloud client on your NAS?

I might, but Owncloud on QNAP is stuck at v6 and hosting is up to date at v8. QNAP seems to be lagging on a lot of version updates for many apps. I need a solution now. Also, as best I can tell, Owncloud will at least be more complicated to set up on QNAP because it expects files to be moved into a configured folder or exist on an external source like a Samba share. It might be possible to refer to a share on the local host but that is not as direct or as easy as what I was able to do with Syncthing in a few minutes. After install, reboot and a minute or two to config, I was able to point to an already existing folder on the NAS. There are other choices on the hosted side which I will need to check out a bit more (will post list in this thread) but Syncthing has shown the most promise on my NAS and the best jumping off point for getting this to work.


This is a list of the web applications that I can choose from to make what I outlined earlier work: OpenDocMan, eSyndiCat, LetoDMS, Arfooo, eXtplorer, Pydio, PHPfileNavigator, ProjectSend (previously cFTP), OwnCloud. If anyone knows that any one of these would be a better choice, I would be happy to hear of it.


owncloud can also be accessed via WebDAV, maybe there is a sync client for that available on QNAP? Or can you use a newer version of the owncloud client that you manually install?


Webdav client (for accessing external storage) is available as a QPKG (QNAP Package) Pydio (aka Ajaxplorer5 with internal update to actual 6.0.3) is also available as a QPKG

Other php application can be installed (after checking prerequisite) easily (even manually)