Using syncthing on device rarely

Hello. Thank you for your work and your product. Syncthing is truly awesome!

I’d like to know is there any risk of using syncthing not that often? Let’s say i have an external ssd with gnu/linux distro and syncthing installed. Syncthing on this ssd has it’s own ID and connected to a few of my other PC’s syncthing clients. All of them are equal. I use the ssd only when one of my main pcs broke for some reason. In this case i have syncthing that was not syncing to other clients for months. Could it cause any problems like overriding new data by old data etc? I use ext4 filesystem on every pc, so syncthing folder on ext4 too if it’s matter.

Thanks in advance.

There’s absolutely no limit on how rare you use a particular Syncthing installation. As long as Syncthing is of compatible version (and you can update it when you run it next time) and can connect to other Syncthing instances that have the current versions of your files, once you fire it up and things are synced there will be no difference whether you used it 24/7 for the last year or had it powered off in a cupboard somewhere for the last 2 years.


Thank you very much!